Who is Dan Bilzerian? Professional player and Instagram’s King


The millionaire star has racked up 21 million followers on Instagram thanks to his enviable lifestyle

MILLIONAIRE Dan Bilzerian has a life many men would dream of – partying with bikini-clad women, riding in private jets and mingling with the stars.

The playboy, who boasts 21 million followers on Instagram, claims to have made his riches through poker and was recently caught up in a shooting on the Las Vegas strip – but what else do we know about him?

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Bearded Dan Bilzerian, 36, is a professional poker player who has been nicknamed “Instagram’s Playboy King” thanks to his outrageous shots of hot women and wealth.

From images of yacht parties and expensive cars to guns and his adorable cat Smushball, Dan is always pictured surrounded by a posse of scantily clad women.

A video posted on New Year’s Day showed off his exotic lifestyle and racked up millions of views from envious fans.

The playboy lives in the Hollywood hills but also has houses in Los Angeles and San Diego and is said to be worth $100m (£63m).

Some have questioned his claims he earned this wealth through poker, however.

He recently faced furious backlash over a hot tub post on International Women’s Day where he was sat surrounded by four partially-clad women and about to tuck into a meal served on the topless back of a fifth.

What did Dan Bilzerian do before he was famous?

Bilzerian was born in Tampa, Florida, in 1980 to corporate takeover specialist Paul and his Stanford sweetheart Terri Steffen.

He has a brother called Adam who is also a poker player, and both sons received a trust fund from their dad.

Dan ended up spending a third of his trust fund on his dad’s bail when he was in jail for securities and tax laws violations.

Given his hench physique, it comes as no surprise that Dan started out in the Navy SEAL training program in 2000.

He ended up dropping out, however, and was cut due to a “safety violation on the shooting range”.

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